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Instagram Frame Template: High Quality Printable Instagram Photo Booth Props

Are you looking for Instagram frame, Instagram photo booths for a special occasion? Our printable and easy to edit Instagram frames provides you a high-quality one-stop solution for your needs.
Our Instagram frames are excellent for any parties (birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, family reunions, and etc.), events (corporate function, school event/dances, church event/festival, Weddings, Quinceañera, Bat Mitsvah, Confirmations and etc.) or gift idea.

After you downloaded the Instagram Frame and edited your digital file with your selected size, you can take the file on a USB drive to any print shop such as Office Depot, Staples, etc. Ask them to print it on the same size that you chose for your file.

Printing the Instagram frame

You can also ask your print shop to mount the Instagram frame for you, OR you can mount it yourself by using a foam board or cardboard as backing. Use an adhesive spray to glue the paper and foam board together, then use a sharp utility knife to cut the middle gray area out. Most of our customers find it very easy to do and cheaper too!

High Resolution: 300 DPI PDF Instagram Frame
CMYK Print Ready (If you need RGB Print Ready, Please let us know)


Instagram Photo Booth Frame

$9.00 $5.99

New Instagram Photo Booth Frame

$9.00 $5.99


Q: Do I send you the details for customization?
[Answer] No, this listing includes editable PDFs that you have to edit by following instructions above. If you want us to do it, just email us using the help desk.

Q: I see blue shades in the text fields, will this print?
[Answer] No, it will not print. To turn it off, click on Edit – Preferences (For Mac, click on Adobe Reader in the top left corner then Preferences), choose Forms, unselect Highlight Color, then hit ok.

Q: I see overlapped shades in the text fields, will this print?
[Answer] No, it will not print. The reason of this overlap is to give you flexibility in your texts. Also, to get rid of the overlap, you can add spaces to the beginning of the second text box.

Q: Can I change the font or color?
[Answer] Unfortunately, not. Unless you use Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is not free.

Q: I am having troubles importing my photo?
[Answer] Kindly convert your photo into pdf then import it. You can use a free online converter .

Q: I see black boxes and text
[Answer] That means you are not opening the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader, please right click on the file and choose open with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Q: When I save the template, I don’t see the text, only the template
[Answer] When saving, please choose from File -> Save As, and choose a place to save the file and provide a new unique name, it should work.

Q: When uploading or taking PDF file to print shop, it’s not showing the words even though it works on my computer.
[Answer] Some print shops have old software, thus, you need to convert PDF file into JPEG image, please use this website:

There’s a tutorial video in the bottom of the first page for steps. Make sure to select High-Quality JPEG. Kindly upload or take the jpeg photo file to the print shop for best results

Please send us your queries to our help-desk

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