Photo Booth Frame

Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame: Printables For Your Baby Shower

Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame

How and why to get a baby shower photo booth frame for your next baby shower.

Getting a baby shower photo booth frame has never been this easy. These frames are surely going to be taking over your social media feed with beautiful pictures an memories. It is pretty easy to set it up and made ready for your guests to take good pictures. This cute baby shower frame was designed by the need and support from a lot of mom to be’s. It’s going to look so good on the baby shower polaroid guest book.

In addition to celebrating the moment by having some cheese cakes and mini pastries with your friends, you capture the moment with pictures so that you can relive that exciting moment of your birth over and over. That’s where your props come in to make it a much more exciting and fun time and the photo booth frame is the best party prop for your guests.

The trend of getting baby shower photo booths is a unique new idea that’s been there for a while now but most are just cut outs without any aesthetics and creativity. Here we have made such unique new designs, with a lot of peoples creativity and ideas, we finally arrived at these photo booths that are so much faster and easier for you guys to edit and print. 

The idea to create such baby shower photo booth props came from a demand from lots of family and friends asking where and how they could make their own such photo booth frames.

The general idea is to have an event that will bring a lot of nostalgia when talked with once the kids are old enough. It can be a huge party or simply the gathering of a few friends. The population matter less compared to the emotions that you want to evoke.  Your baby shower does not have to drain your pocket to be memorable. You can organise your baby shower in your home, right there at the lawn and it will still be stunning. A baby shower photo booth frame is a cheap and fun way to add more to the party deco.

If you are planning for a baby shower, you can steal the following ideas to turn your baby shower from ordinary to extraordinary. We created these baby shower photo booth frames with personal experiences and in collaboration with really creative designers.

You can use these photo booth props either you are expecting a girl or a boy as well.

If you would be sending out baby shower invitation template you can give your friends a hint that you are planning to have a baby shower photo booth frame photo shoot. Let them know the colour of the day so that they can show up in attires that would blend with your baby shower photo booth frame.

Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame Comes in Two different Sizes

Most of the baby shower photo booth frames out there only come in one size. What if you want to share the booth with your friends? Our baby shower photo booth frames come in two exciting sizes, 24” and 36”. You can strike different exciting poses with the 24” baby shower photo booth frame. If you want a special baby shower photo that will accommodate two or three of your friends, the 36” is just right for you. You can also have a custom size baby shower photo booth frame sent to you.

Do not worry, if you are having difficulty in deciding the design for your baby shower photo booth frame. Scan through our archives and you will see alot of exciting designs that you can choose from. The entire process is simple and will only take you a few clicks to get there.

Never forget the date

As we grow older our memories begin to get fuzzy. Things you once remembered with ease can easily elude you. You don’t want to go through the stress of having to remember the date you had your first baby shower as you stare at the pictures, right? Our baby shower photo booth frame has space where you can add date just below your name. Simply click and edit the date to the day that you want. It will serve as a reminder for many years to come and you can better relive the moment.

Add a name to the photo booth frame

The rise of social media network means you can share your pictures with all your friends around the world. As much as you may fail to admit it, sharing pictures makes us happy – and some of our friends too. Ladies gain weight when they are pregnant especially when it is getting closer to delivery. There is a possibility that your friends may not be able to recognize you. Adding a name to your baby shower photo booth frame makes it easy for your friends to recognize you.

How to Edit the Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame

Baby Shower Games

Another great idea to keep the guests engaged with the event is to run different baby shower games. Try something different by running some inappropriate baby shower games. This is sure to keep your friends giggling through out the party.

The downloads will be in PDF format and You can edit using Adobe PDF Reader 

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